Our History - 77K Freeze

77K Freeze is coming

Snowflake in our construction

It is appropriate to showoff our snowflake in construction, especially snowfall coming to Vancouver over Christmas 2016 and it is the whitest Christmas for the last 10 years. We predict more snow over the New Year into 2017 – nature showing support to 77K Freeze? If there is no snow, then come to 77K Freeze in the new year where there will be Freeze Xperience for you! See you at our grand opening in Q1 2017

2016 Snowflake construction

The Drive

Aug 1 2016, 2240 Commercial Drive

We took possession of a lease on the Drive to create a future for Freeze.  It is a 2000 sq. ft. space where we want to install 4 CCUs and also to have a permanent home for our Prototype Demo Freeze Station.  We want to promote our concept of using liquid nitrogen to create delicious, healthy and guilt-free desserts that challenge the industry to return full control back to the consumers.  In addition, we want to bring education and engagement to all our guests at our Ice*Burg Lounge.


July 25 2016, Signature Freeze event

After seeing the overwhelming support from the public, we decided to present our business concept and our Freeze products to a variety of people in the industry, bankers and investors.  Our aim was to gain more experience to lift this idea to a more solid level.


Maker Faire

June 11-12 2016, Saturday & Sunday
at the PNE Forum

We presented our Cryrogenic Control Unit – CCU to the public for the first time.

We gave away 800 samples; we sold over 500 cups of Freeze.  We gave away two pints of Freeze for silent auctions; roughly 100 cups of Freeze to charity and volunteers.  We didn’t stop that day!  😀

Dr Freeze’s interviewed by Maker Junior

77K Freeze Chimeny Coffee – our guest was reluctant to assist with our demonstration but soon, he was totally absorbed by liquid nitrogen

Breakfast TV

June 7 2016, TV Station in Vancouver

The team described how and why Freeze can be made with liquid nitrogen, and the reasons why we want to share the products with the public. This process can bring benefits to consumers and can change the culture of limited public health concern in the frozen dessert industry.


Open House

May 15 2016

This was the first time we powered up the prototype Cryogenic Control Unit (CCU) and we served Freezex non-stop to over 60 people in 12 hours to test the hardware and also our making process.

We not only served many of our Signature Freezex but also allowed guests to create their own flavors; further testing our business concept and philosophy.


TheBirth of CCU

May 1 2016, completed

To ensure that liquid nitrogen is handled safely and also can be controlled easily for the flash-freezing process, our Dr. Freeze and Dr. Miko designed a cryogenic control unit, the CCU. The CCU is a stand alone complex unit, able to be integrated  with any domestic mixer, providing a turnkey system to create FreezeX – personalized freshly-made Artisan European-style dessert.