Legend Venus Character Brief

Venus is the Goddess of love and beauty. She was disappointed the disharmony on Mother Earth and decided to pick up a mortal self to visit the land, aimed to save all creations from the punishment of Gods. She was promised three guardians by Prometheus before she embarked on her journey from Father Sky. However, her first guardian disappointed her since Unicorn was no believer of Gods. Her second guardian; Sky Hawk also betrayed her under the bewitchment of Zetas' evil spirit. Although she managed to find her third guardian, Lion turned out to be a simple mortal that she never expected.


Unicorn is a mortal created by Prometheus to serve the Goddess. Though Unicorn was once clay from Mother Earth, Prometheus breathed fire and created spirit that gave this marionette special life. The marionette was entrusted to the Maiden (Kore or Persephone) who sewed him together with Hades' threat; hence administered him the immortal knowledge. However, the conflict between Discord and Harmony made the village expel him and left him surviving alone in the wild. Although he realised his duties to serve Venus by Nature, his mortal experiences tore him away the pure belief.


Sky Hawk is a prince of a large settlement - Loxen. His castle was invaded by Satyr's servants and all his people were killed apart from him, leaving a vanity appearance of a town. Zetas' spells kept the town in beautiful illusion and bounded Sky Hawk to serve Satyr and in turn, kill Venus. Unicorn sensed the danger but when he confronted Sky Hawk with aggressiveness, he only angered Venus to the extent that he was banished. Would the love of the Goddess free Sky Hawk or would Unicorn once again return to her side?


Lion was turned into animal form when Mother Earth sensed the danger that he might one day possess. Twice, the Lion saved Venus when she was attacked by Satyr's servants. When he came to the Goddess with his own true heart, he returned to his mortal man form to serve the Goddess well. Having the experience as a wild creature and being away from man in his entire life, Lion constantly held opposition to the other guardians, in actions or in thoughts.


Satyr is the God of Darkness. He was loved by the Mother Earth who granted him ultimate power over all beings on the land. His wild life was built on the pains and sufferings of all beings. He vowed that one day, he would gain the eternal power which would allow him to rule all Gods and built his everlasting kingdom of both Mother Earth and Father Sky.


Zetas is the Servant for the dark lord. Her magical power not only enabled her to control all animals but also leveled her with all demi-Gods on Mother Earth. She was sent to hunt down the mortal self of Goddess Venus, and for the first time in her life, she encountered a mortal who carried such aura and kindness that nobody could resist.


by Yasumiko Cindy Lo-Garry