Time Radiant Character Brief

Takano hated school and hated his family who bothered him too much and told him how to behave. He never cared about others around him and he never cared about himself. Everynight, he hanged out with his biker friends until one night, they ended up involving in a robbery chase. On the edge of his death, he was taken to a different world.


Queforia is the princess who believed in the Time Radiant would bring balance back to her land. When she met Takano she believed that he was the promised one and she risked everything to protect him and try to convince him to fight for her people.


Forie is the second-in-commander of the Fortress Atlantis which ruled all advanced technologies. She was looking for the three crystals which she believed withholding the power to destroy the supreme time reactor. When she met Takano, she was convince that her quest would soon be over.


Captain Paen is loyal to his Kingdom and to his people. Although Takano's attitude and spoiled character irritated him, he never doubted the princess's judgement. He could be a fool to follow the naive belief of Queforia, but his straight character and skills were able change and assist the Time Radiant.


by Yasumiko Cindy Lo-Garry