Tennohime Character Brief

Hibiky worked for a magazine outside school as part time photographer to support himself. One day, his manager asked him to seek into the museum to obtain an exclusive photo of the statue of Tennohime. Hibiky accidentally took a few photos of the mysterious robbers who came to steal the statue, and this incident changed his life forever.


Mahyn was the only daughter of the head of the Tenno village. To settle the blood curse passing down five thousands years ago, she had to become the wife of the cursed child of the family.


Mahyo was the eldest son of the head of the Tenno village. He wanted to find out the secret of Tennohime and obtained the hidden power.


Yuki was Hibiky's closest classmate. When she knew he went on a trip to find a cure for the blood curse, she decided to follow.


by Yasumiko Cindy Lo-Garry