Shichiyoten Character Brief

Bushu Chika is elder of the twins in the Bushu House. Although he is a much capable fighter than his brothers, he never showed off his skills because he sees no point in any sort of competition and confrontation. However, being raised as a Bushu son and contradicted to his inner belief, he was expected to be a fine leader and take pride in battles. When the Bushu House was banished, his father - Bushu Takeru told him the secret about Shichiyo which diverted from Bushu's tradition and set a total new path for him.


Bushu Makoto is Chika's younger twin brother. Very different from Chika, Makoto worked very hard to gain his father's trust so that he could lead soldiers and fight with his brothers in battlefields. He fell in love with Sakura Hime; the very same lady as his twin. Even though he finally married his love, Makoto always saw Chika as his enemy, not just rival in the leadership of the house but also in love affairs. When he realised his father trusted Shichiyo to Chika, he vowed that he would do anything to obtain the power to ruin his brother.


Bushu Takashi is the youngest in the family. He was spoiled by all the members of the House especially Chika who not only connected with this mischievous brother well but also stood up for him in most circumstances. Takashi was born with a direct and just heart, so he found himself crossing with the actions and thinking of the Ise's brothers frequently. In one incident, he accidentally killed one of the Ise' sons and led the two Houses into war.


Bushu Rei is the only daughter among the seven children of the Bushu House. She is a talent lady in all art forms and understood court affairs to a marked degree. She was least known to be a warrior since her refined mannerism and beauty covered her swordsmanship. When the House was in danger, she never hesitated to put on her armour and fought with her brothers.


Ise Sakura is the daughter of Ise Yoshi - (The Emperor) Mikado's chancellor. Ise Yoshi became jealous of the Bushu House when Bushu Takeru and the sons brought victory and glory back to Suruga. Attempting to maintain Ise House as the leading entity in Court, Ise Yoshi married Sakura to Makoto with the intention to recruit the young Bushu as his alliance. In secret, Sakura had already fallen in love with Chika but with such a political arrangement, she had to follow her father's will. However, when she finally understood the truth, she picked up the courage to choose her own path.


Shinto Arashi is the daughter of the Shinto leader (a group of bandits). She became Takashi's friend after their rival in the market. Both of them had mischievous personalities and they frequently put Chika into difficult situations, mainly their constant arguments with the Ise' brothers. The Shinto bandits were dragged into the political fight of the Ise House when their existence was used to challenge the competency of the Bushu House to maintain security for the Mikado's Court. When the soldiers arrived the mountains and destroyed the Shinto, Arashi swore for a revenge on Takashi and all the Bushu.


Bushu Aki is the second eldest son of the Bushu and is a fine scholar who had traveled the provinces and understood both politics and warfare. He advised his father on all province affairs including strategic warfare and power dynamics. Unfortunately, he is an odd character who disagreed with traditions and he dared to refuse the arranged marriage from the most powerful merchant in Court. When he finally met the arranged party, he was surprised that the lady remained single all those years.


Hourai Hime is the daughter of the richest merchant in the Province, even the Mikado needed his support to continue to maintain a smooth economy in Court. Hourai was arranged to become Aki's wife by her father but the eighteen years old young Bushu turned down the offer and left the province to protest such tradition. Disregarding such embarrassment, the lady held no prejudice against Aki and even lent him a helping hand when the Bushu House got in the Shichiyo fight.


Bushu Sunao is the eldest son of the Bushu House and a fine soldier who had followed Bushu Takeru to battle for peace for Suruga. Sunao frequently led his father's troop and was made captain by the Mikado's court many years ago due to his own merit. His just, caring and authoritarian character won respect from the soldiers and also from his brothers. In the family, he is a romantic husband and a kind father for two sons.


Kusa is Sunao's wife and the mother of two sons. Her father was once Bushu Takeru's subordinate who lost his life in the battle to secure peace for the land for the former Mikado. She married into the Bushu House following the wish of Bushu Takeru when she was orphaned. Kusa had a strong character and assisted Tamami Hime (her mother -in-law) to manage the Bushu Household and look after the young while the sons were away.


Bushu Hitoshi is the third son in the family. Similar to his eldest brother, Hitoshi assisted Bushu Takeru in battle and was a captain in the troop. His skills are in mobility and stealth, and frequently led troopers on special missions to penetrate enemy frontline. Hitoshi's loyalty spanned from his father, to the Province and more importantly, to his wife.


Kiku is Hitoshi's wife. She came from the western orients and had a gentle character to serve and support her husband. Even though she carried Hitoshi's baby at the time of war, she never asked him stay by her side. Instead she understood his duty as a Bushu son and she would put on a brave face to support him in every decision.


by Yasumiko Cindy Lo-Garry