PT104 -Python Character Brief

Python is a better name for PT104 - 104th prototype of Doctor Hurst fusion experiment. He was taken by the Hunter Agent after their mission to arrest the doctor charging him on illegal bio-fusion project. Python soon found himself involving with the agent's operation and throughout the journey, he began to learn about himself and his lost past.


Nicthine succeeded the advanced spaceship CosmoLight from a former Hunter agent who was said to be the best in the Universe. The true identity of that former agent remained a secret and so as the past of Nicthine which had died with the agent. Nicthine devoted herself to continue working as an agent and hopefully, by traveling the galaxies, she would one day find the truth about herself.


Shaku is the top hunter agent onboard CosmoLight. He is a risk taker but also because of that, it makes him a better than the others. He enjoyed the freedom and the pay which the job provided but deep down, he was hoping that in the journey across the stars, he might be able to locate his long lost love one and his enemy.


Ben left the planetary police on one of the star systems and joined CosmoLight when the suspect on his case escaped his home planet and freely embarked the Universe. He is still a loyal police and wanted to put every crime to justice.


by Yasumiko Cindy Lo-Garry