Mobopower ZX Character Brief

Etak is a common vehicle mechanic. He provided shelter for Rachael when she was chased by myterious soldiers but never knew that it would bring forever troubles. Out of desperation and ignorance, Etak activated the Mobopower ZX armour unit and surprisingly, it fitted Etak like tailor-made. Using the secret piece of military gear, he accidentally defeated the other Mobopower riders who were sent after Rachael.


Rachael is a research scientist for the military. She succeeded her father's project on Mobopower ZX and invented a new modified version. This version was proved to be 3 times the power and also much cheaper to be mass-produced. However, such advantages also came with sacrifice of the riders. She stole the unit, but partly due to the chase from the military and also her own curiosity, she allowed Etak to power it on. The fighting power of the unit demonstrated itself to the military and she forever regretted it.


by Yasumiko Cindy Lo-Garry