City of Mars Character Brief

Clo visited Mars with an Inspector from Earth, hoping to cover his executive meetings with the Mars officials. Being brought up on Earth, he wanted to see Mars with his own eyes but the truth was not what he wanted to believe. Clo was captured by the Rebel and was taken away from the city. Out in the desert-like, he found out the secret about Marscell and because of that reason, he also fell into the battle between the Mars Military and the rebel. He wanted to report the truth to the people but the truth was too much for him to handle.


Alyce joined the Rebel's underground activities after her family was murdered by the government. Although she was never an agressive anti-government worker, she fought bravely against the Mars Army soldiers. Her attitudes and her belief changed Clo's opinion about the Rebel and at the end, her actions persuaded Clo willingly to fight with them.


Tarrin visited Mars with his father - an Inspector from the Uni-Space Military 15 years ago, in his very young age. A boy, now his younger brother whom his father adopted from that journey, influenced him about how Tarrin saw the red planet. When he became the commander in the Uni-Space Military, his interests on Mars changed.


Benki led his small team of rebel in the city. He made a big mistake when he decided to meet the new Inspector from Earth. Taking the Earth reporter with the team also brought endless problems to his rebel team.


Ra lost his family when the soldiers attempted to hunt him down. Although he managed to rescue his younger sister, he had nowhere to settle Alyce apart from introducing her to the rebel.


Kylgree is very much fond of Alyce. He disliked the reporter only for one reason - jealousy and later, this emotion slowly poisoned him to think of getting rid of the outsider in the team.


Paulyn was once betrayed by her friend and nearly lost her life in one of the anti-government protests. Ever since then, she could never get herself to trust anybody until she met Benki and his rebel team.


Ed is the youngest member in the team. He was told by his mother that he was born on Earth and for this reason, he found himself drawn to the Earth come reporter.


Waveh was an ex-soldier. He lost his whole team in one of the dangerous operations and lived with the guilt ever since. He had no prejudice against Clo even from the very beginning as he fully understood the duty of a reporter.


Hotshot never changed his attitude towards Clo and he hated the Earth come reporter. He believed that Clo only wanted to take from Mars and selled his stories. He constantly gave the reporter a hard time and took opposition to him on everything.


Marlo was once betrayed by the military and ever since then he hated soldiers. He never trusted the reporter since he believed that Clo was working secretly for the government.


by Yasumiko Cindy Lo-Garry