Knight of Janorwel Character Brief

Icedyka is the young master of Janorwel Place. His royal status crossed two powerful Kingdom - Obispane and Burnoia. He is the eldest grandson of the former Queen Charisee of Obispane and Lucar the MoonKnight of Burnoia.
Being brought up in Janorwel, Icedyka was fond of the stories of MoonKnight as well as all the advantures and battles. He longed for his knighthood on his 16th birthday and he hoped to succeed the position as the Knight of Janorwel. However, his dream was destroyed when the new Obispanian King claimed the control of Janorwel and banished him from the land.


Mondarkees was appointed to be the successor of Janorwel Place by the first Knight of Janorwel. Since he was awared of the truth that he was only an adpoted child to the Norwel family and originally he came from a foreign land, he declined the position and named Icedyka to be his successor and swore to serve the young one. Mondarkees is the direct student of Lucar. He not only inherited a honourable and loyal character ,but was also the skills of a knight. In battle, he was frequently mistaken as MoonKnight.


Vernga is a wondering knight who wears black armour and long cloak. Although he carries a heartless look and a deadly grin, he has a kind heart underneath the steel appearance. Royality sometimes leaked from his cool cover but his past was always a mystery.
The Obispanian court was where this dark knight used to belong but when his father was murdered and his land was taken, he covered himself in black and left his country.


Fonshinia travelled to Bunroia from far far away in search of MoonKnight for revenge. She believed that the knight murdered her whole family. When she overheard people saying Mondarkees was MoonKnight, she dared to challenge him. When she was told that the real MoonKnight had long gone, she refused to settle unless she saw the grave with her own eyes.


Prince Xema came from a foreign land to fight Burnoia. He is the prince from one of the three greatest families of Langat. The Langaton court decided that the succession of their Kingdom should be grant to the family who could defeat their greatest enemy.
Xema was fooled to believe that he was fighting to free his people from the Burnoian and reclaimed their lost land. After he met Icedyka in battle, his belief slowly changed. When his troop was defeated, he dared to risk his life for the safety of his people.


King Simon-Lucar is the only son of the former King Subastian of Burnoia. Just like his father, although he was an able ruler and he managed the Kingdom well, he failed to stop the aggressive intruders from the north. He was a just character and he trusted Icedyka when the boy came to the battlefield to meet him.


by Yasumiko Cindy Lo-Garry