Hazard Intelligent Character Brief

On the surface, Joe's appearance is human but underneath the skin, he is an energy form which took hold a body of a youngster who had died in a car crash. Every night, Joe searched the city hunting for particular human and killed them.


The night when Martika broke off with her boy friend, she encountered two mysterious persons with super human ability, fighting in the night sky. She was injured by some kind of a bright explosion and was waken in a hospital later. The incident caused some damage to her sight and although the doctors said that it might be temperate, she was unable to identify the killer when Joe turned up at the hospital.


Chris was Martika's ex-boy-friend. He was amused by Martika's outlook and overnight changes after they broke up. His meeting with Joe also stirred his jealousy towards Martika and her new friend. His obsession led him to follow Joe and checked on his background. He warned Martika of the danger when he found out the truth about Joe but he never thought that Joe true identity was more horrifying.


Patsy is a fashionable Diva who had stolen Chris from Martika. She enjoyed all sort of night out activities which made her a more compatible partner with Chris. Patsy was jealous when she pumped into Joe and Martika having fun in town. In her eyes, Joe had much more attractions than her old Chris. Once again, she wanted to steal from Martika but this time, the perceived timid and weak character did not give in.


by Yasumiko Cindy Lo-Garry