Co-Human Character Brief

Mind is a prototype Co-Human who survived the accident which destroyed the Research facility. Failing the expectation of the research, he turned out to carry no extrasensory perception (ESP). He was ordered to be purged by the Chief of the Them government and released from the lab for monitoring. He arrived at Delta and there, he experienced a new world, meeting Eve and Dinah. Finally, he slowly came to term that he was someone different to the others.


Dinah is a human girl who decided to assist Mind when he suffered from amnesia. She seemed to be the only one who could ease Mind's pain and guide him to understand his being. She was ready to accept Co-Human though she held fear towards the destructive ESP power of Mind.


Eve is the spy soldier who had met Mind briefly in the Ice House when she disguised as military pilot in the Imperial Forces. When the Them invaded Delta, she had stolen important data about the Titan Battleship trying to deliver to the authority. She intercepted Mind again in the city and seemed to be the only one who knew about the existence of Co-Human.


Adrian is a captain belonging to the United Army of the Human government. He became a resistance leader in the Them invansion of Delta and led a large group of bike fighters to free the city. He was so determined to win the war and every decision he made was in the favour of the battle.


Victory is the ultimate Co-Human who carried perception power and was heavily involved in invasion of Delta. The Chief of the Them Imperials used Victory as his right-hand man and entrusted him with the ESP Squadron. Deep down, Victory was afraid that if Mind achieved his Co-Human ability, he would lose his position seconded to the Chielf in the military. He had ambition to become the leader for the Them and he saw invading Delta as his stepping stone to success.


Jessica was the daughter of the President in the Them government and she was also a scientist who studied Human and Them genetics. She became aware of the existenca of Co-Human on one of her projects and later, she was involved in the sonic mind control on Mind.


by Yasumiko Cindy Lo-Garry