Battle Wings Character Brief

Kakeru Fumi was taken to America by the director of the Global Enterprise sixteen years ago. He became aware of his difference on his 16th birthday - the day he returned to his home country. He learnt about his true identity and his divine duty when his pair of white wings flared across the Tokyo sky.


Being brought up at the Temple, Horoo had been leading a peaceful life with the monks. The truth was: the master was keeping an eye on him. The boy would finally possess the power to destroy both good and evil if his scarlet wings materialize on his 16th birthday. If this happened, it was the duty for the master to stop him.


Hikari was sent to an orphanage before he could remember anything about himself. His unusual self-healing power was discovered by the authority later after he survived a lightning strike which killed everybody in the house. He was taken by the government and was imprisoned at the Pioneer Centre for human research purposes. On his 16th birthday, he lifted his dark wings and escaped, vowing openly that he would avenge mankind.


by Yasumiko Cindy Lo-Garry