2013 Yas Studio - Miko PhD Research

Research Interests

Yasumiko has many research interests, revolving around integrated research between art, technology and engineering. She particularly involved in interdisciplinary areas due to her diverse experiences in both technical and creative industries. She questioned academic traditions and scientific approaches, and discovered that those methods are not applicable to certain research areas but can also post difficulties in their own fields.

Methodologies, best practices, facts, individual's perspective and knowledge barriers are what Yasumiko focuses when she approaches research. She demonstrated that the art of research is in the creative ways of structuring different appropriated research methods to investigate an idea/problem, with a robust methodology to improve those methods and examine the outcomes critically. Integrated research attitudes and flexible manipulation of methods are valuable for both research and learning environment.

Yasumiko believes that both experimental investigation and applied research are equally valuable. To enable such an ideal to flourish, academic research and industries would have to integrate closer to determine directions and strategies. Research methods should provide benefits for exploration, experimentation, examination, application and participation all at once; to develop methodologies that can withstand scientific investigation and encourage experiential practices to unfold the qualities of implicit knowledge. Yasumiko believes that the focus of a research is on the clarity of knowledge and contribution of new knowledge by integrating critically assessed experiences with explicit knowledge. To her, the division between Episteme and Techné from the ancient greek era, to the present modern educational division between Science and Art has delayed the progression of mankind and of research in every field of study. This is what a researcher should 'first' focus to overcome.

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