77K Freeze

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2240 Commercial Drive,
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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ICE*Burg Lounge Booking
Call: (1) 604 564 1128

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Every Day 12pm - 10pm
Freeze Xperience 7:30pm - 9:00pm

What's in our name - 77K ?

The K stands for “Kelvin”
The Kelvin Temperature Scale starts at Absolute Zero (-273°C)

So 77K is Extremely Cold
( low boiling point of liquid nitrogen )

How Cold ?

It’s -196 °C or -321 °F
And The Colder Things Are The Faster They Freeze

So, What is Freeze ?

Artisan Personalized European Style Desserts
( Nutritious, Healthier, Tastier, Tailored to your needs )
made by liquid nitrogen flash-freeze process

Concept Created by
Freezeologists of 77K Freeze Project

Freeze loves Earth

Go Green Go

We consciously choose to be responsible to Earth and our environment.

Our Freezex are dressed in PLA cups which are compostable & biodegradable.

Its clear body not only shows you the delightful color of our Freezex but also is printed with a green strip which reminds you to dispose them correctly and love our planet.

Please support us and support a greener Earth.

Freshly Made and the Way We Like It!

Our Story

We are Scientists, Artist-Designers but now Freezeologists and ‘Freeze’ lovers.  We discovered the joy of using liquid nitrogen to make frozen desserts while doing cryogenic experiments.

We have been creating Freeze in private for several years and enjoying these high quality desserts with friends and families.  We perfected our recipes & designed a system to safely handle liquid nitrogen for food making.  Now, it is time for us to share these creations with the public.

We are a team of 7 – our trades are scientist, engineer, designer, artist, manager, health care professional and creative genius.  But none of us can, hand-on-heart, say that we enjoy commercial frozen desserts for taste, aesthetic, health and dietary reasons.  We want simple high quality ingredients that we know are good for us and good for our Freeze. We want to provide personalized Artisan desserts in European style that stand out from the crowd.

Most of all, we want dessert NOW – freshly made and the way we like it!

It is our 77K team’s goal to return control back to the hand of the consumers and to rid the world of boring and “harmful” desserts.

We aim to create personalized; high quality products, and to explore new processes, bringing thoughtfulness, transparency, flexibility, inclusiveness, fun, entertainment, and creativity to a frozen dessert that we call Freeze.

Using liquid nitrogen we freeze our honest cream & milk at blinding speed to reduce ice crystal growth, giving silky-smooth results even with reduced fat and sugar content.

We have the flexibility to control our ingredients, proportions and the churning time, using our in-house designed & Canadian-made CCU – Cryogenic Control Unit.  This freedom allows individualization of product & almost limitless creativity at ease.

We Promote Your Dessert Rights

Our Manifesto

Providing quality; transparency; flexibility; inclusiveness and creativity to serve you.

1. The right to enjoy guilt-free and nutritious Desserts.
2. The right to know what is in your Dessert.
3. The right to witness the means of making your Dessert.
4. The right to have it freshly made for you!

We promise to continue our study of ingredients and to refine our processes.

We promise to select ingredients and provide products that we are proud to feed ourselves and our families.

We promise to be environmental responsible and to minimize our footprint of energy and material waste.


The President

Experiential Creative Inc.

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Everyday  12 pm – 10 pm  (weekend 10:30pm)
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2240 Commercial Drive. Vancouver. BC.